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Under slab Drainage System

Skip the exterior excavation and waterproofing — an interior perimeter

THERE ARE NO “miracle coatings” to prevent ground-water entry with a barrier, our techniques don’t try to stop the water, but rather to manage it. Sometimes we use exterior perimeter drains and waterproofing, but more often we install water-management systems on the building’s interior. Most homeowners prefer this approach because it costs less than excavating around the foundation and is less destructive to their landscaping.


Waterproofing Membrane

The choice of waterproof membrane comes down to what actually are you waterproofing and to what degree of protection you need. A waterproof membrane by its very title suggests that you are going to introduce a form of physical barrier to a structure to stop any water breeching the waterproof membrane and thus providing a dry and usable internal space. This requires a highly robust, durable and often flexible membrane. With over 1 billion ft installed a year in the United States membrane still seems to be an extremely popular waterproofing choice. The membrane’s jobs require special expertise and quality installations for peace of mind.
GLCWATERPROOFING can get the right product for the job at hand.

Landscaping Drainage

Drainage Systems removes excess water from around beds and distributes it back into the surrounding soil.

Moves water away from the foundation reducing moisture and mildew from the basement.

Basement Window Wells

Basement Egress Window Wells Offer Safety – and Style

We offer color-coordinated below-grade basement window well systems, with egress well models to ensure the safety of homeowners, and standard wells to enhance the value of homes.

Emergency Exit Egress Window Wells are available in some colors to match any style, plus contoured bottoms with built-in drains that can be tied to channel water away from foundations.

All window wells are made of durable polyethylene, that won’t rust or dent like common window wells. Clear covers and grates can be added.

Concrete Cracks

Thanks to our advanced low-pressure injection system, our job is more affordable.

In addition to concrete crack repair, our complete basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation product line gives opportunities to provide the best service and value to our customers.

Our process is economically effective. And we provide the support and technical information you need to make your concrete crack repair or basement waterproofing a success.

Protection for floor coverings over concrete

Platon is a 24-mil HDPE membrane with a unique double dimple design that gives it exceptional strength in subfloor underlayment applications. Platon forms an impermeable moisture barrier and air gap, allowing the concrete to breathe while keeping the floor dry. The finished floor is isolated from the cold damp concrete and becomes room temperature, not slab temperature. This makes it warmer in winter and odor and condensation free in summer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be installed in conjunction with any floor covering material – carpet, vinyl, laminate or hardwood
  • Economical
  • Eliminates musty odors, mold and mildew associated with flooring placed on concrete
  • Turns basements into comfortable, livable, usable spaces

Enjoy a floor that’s warm in the winter, dry and odor free in summer (even in warm humid climates), healthy and comfortable all year round!

Mold represents a potentially significant health hazard for building occupants and a substantial liability for property owners.



Basement Finishing System

Transforming unused basement space into usable living space is an economical and practical way to increase your home’s square footage. For years, homeowners and remodelers have struggled with basement projects because traditional building materials are not well suited to the damp conditions found in most basements. With GLC basement systems, however, those days are gone.

Our wall systems are specifically designed with water impervious materials for use in damp settings or locations subject to water intrusion – and they won’t swell, buckle or stain like conventional building materials. Plus, our special antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of such microbes as bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause illness, stains, odors and product deterioration.

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