Forced Bracket System For Bowed and Cracked Foundation Walls

Constant soil pressure and movement can lead to severely damaged foundation walls leading to bowing, cracking, and structural instability. When hydrostatic pressure forces a basement foundation wall inward, The Structural bracing system counteracts the stress on the walls.

Our foundation wall repair system includes patented structural tension-loaded, steel i-beams that are designed to straighten block or concrete walls over time, without excavation or homeowner assistance.

The system utilizes a tension loaded spring design that supplies a constant 1,000 pound force on the wall.

During hot, dry weather conditions the soil dries out, reducing its pressure, and shrinks away from walls. This is when the tension load spring goes to work, straightening and structurally supporting the wall permanently!

Return bowed and cracked foundation walls to a more straight condition!

Basement foundation walls bow and crack due to the extreme loads put on them by expanding soils. Soils naturally expand and contract throughout the year, making previous foundation wall repair methods very laborious and COSTLY. Technicians would have to re-enter the home every year to adjust the bracing systems.


GLC WATERPROOFING installs an interior bracing system at low cost and maintenance free–instead of digging and demolition.

GLC Waterproofing offers the most modern wall straightening system available.


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