Pumps & Backup Systems


LCD Back Up System

Digital Sensing, No Moving Parts

Replaces mechanical float switches
  • The EmeSump 2405 LCD back up system utilizes a high performance 1/2hp AC sump pump constructed of cast iron and stainless steel, unlike most systems that rely on a light duty plastic bilge-type DC pump.
  • The EmeSump 2405 LCD series pumps at full performance until the batteries are dead, unlike DC pumps that fade in performance as the batteries are depleted.
  • Two fully charged AGM batteries provide as much as 4 plus hours of continuous run time at 4,200 gallons per HOUR
  • May be used as both primary and back-up pump.
  • The system is fully automatic, converting 12V DC battery power into standard 115V AC electricity to run the AC pump when the power goes out.
  • The energy saving EmeSump 115V AC pump consumes 1/2 the power of other pumps for an extended run time during power outages (5.8 amps).

Sump Pumps and Basement Protection

3/10 HP Pump

  • Pumps 35 Gallons Per Minute
  • Energy Efficient and Reliable
  • 5yr Warranty With an Ion Switch

1/2 HP Pump

  • 1/2h.p. Sump Pump. Efficient, reliable
  • Ultimate Pumping Capacity: 70 gallons per minute
  • Stainless steel and heavy duty epoxy coated cast iron body for years of durable service.
  • Oil filled 1/2hp motor for cooler operation.

3/4 HP Pump

  • Pumps 84 gallons per minute with a 10ft high ejection head.
  • Stainless steel and heavy duty epoxy coated cast iron body for years of durable service.
  • Oil filled 3/4hp motor for cooler operation.
  • 7.5amp/115 Volt svice.

Backup Systems

Crawl Space

Round Pit

AGM Battery

Check Valve

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