Be Prepared for Hurricane Season!!

Flooding is a National Problem  and is something we help Homeowners and Buisnesses deal with year after year.

Have us come out and give a professional assessment of what to do for storm water!!!

Flooding causes more than $2 billion in property damages each year,
and losses due to flooding are not covered under most homeowner
or business policies.
Are you at risk?
There is a 26% chance of experiencing a flood during the life of a 30-
year mortgage—compared to a 4% chance of fire. Most communities
in the United States can experience some kind of flooding. Find out if
you are located in a floodplain or special flood hazard area.


Checklist for Evaluating your Property
-The main electric panel board (electric fuses or circuit breakers) should be
at least 12” above the projected flood elevation for your home,Consider elevating all electric outlets, switches, light sockets, baseboard
heaters and wiring . Panel board height is regulated by code. Check with local civil code( or we can do it for you!)

Or have a top of the Line Drainage system installed by GLC!

-Know your property: identify changes in slope and grade that influence
where water and debris flow and collect.
-Know the overland escape routes for water/debris, and plan diversions
accordingly. Consider low spots and high flow areas when planning for
structure and property protection.

-Consider escape routes for water

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

Set refrigerator and freezer controls to coldest settings.

Gather these items:


Battery or hand crank-powered radio

Extra batteries

Hard-wired or fully charged cell phone – If the base station of your cordless phone plugs into the wall, your phone will be unusable during a power outage.

Containers of drinking water, especially if your water comes from a well

Non-perishable food – Check freshness dates and replace if necessary.

Manual can opener

Paper plates and plastic utensils

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